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The Biggest Free Thai Dating Site: A Review

Thai Friendly is the biggest free Thai dating site. Visitors just sign up, create a profile and start sending messages to whoever catches their eye. Messages are free to send/receive and opting for a paid membership unlocks additional features.

The Selection

First, let’s discuss the selection of women. There are thousands and the variety is quite impressive. They’re cute with nice personalities and are women most guys would kill to go out with. Some are in search of serious relationships while others prefer a friendship prior to starting a romance so be sure to tread lightly when just getting started.

Is It Worth Joining?

Absolutely! There are very few sites that allow you to create a profile and start sending messages almost immediately. When you do, you’ll find that there are thousands of women online at all hours of the day. There is no lengthy questionnaire to fill out so it is up to you to find who you want to talk to and initiate communication. The lack of a questionnaire is kind of refreshing. After all, there are no questionnaires in real life. Physical attraction drives that initial magic and conversation keeps it going. You will also hear from a lot of women. Of course, you will have to sort through them and decide who you want to talk to but what a great task to have!


It is obvious that Thai friendly wasn’t striving for anything fancy. It is a no frills site, has a simple interface with minimal thought put into the overall design. Although true, it serves its purpose and is easy to navigate. Upon landing on the page you know where you are going and how to get there.


If you’re not satisfied with sending messages back and forth, upgrade your membership. A paid membership unlocks the instant chat feature and much more. There is the option of a one-month membership or a lengthier one that covers the span of a few months. Longer memberships do come at a discounted price so if you like the site and plan to stay for a while, buy an extended membership.

Language Barriers Are Nonexistent

Yes, it’s true. The biggest Thai dating site has a language feature built in which allows women who speak Thai to exchange messages with anyone. This means you don’t have to give up on a pretty girl because she doesn’t speak English.

Good Stats

After you get your account running and start messaging, you will get messages back. The women on Thai Friendly are really interested in foreign men and would love to meet up and go out on dates. There is a very casual aspect to this dating network and the women are more relaxed and open than those you would find on other sites. As said, you always want to start slow and let the flirtation pick up over time. Most men have a pretty good success rate with that approach. The secret is coming off as a nice, respectful guy.

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