Asian women vs Russian women and how to seduce them

What unites and differs Russian and Asian girls?

Reasons that force Asian girls escape

How to have sex with an Asian girl vs. Russian?



What unites and differs Russian and Asian girls?

Asian and Russian women remain the most popular among western men as brides and casual sex partners. Why so, and what do they have in common? Experts often happen to compare them.

By physical parameters, they differ a lot. Asian women are skinny, even flat, usually short in height, with typical facial features. Russian girls tend to be tall, slim yet curvy, with Slavic or Tatar faces.

But let’s talk about their inner qualities, and all environmental conditions that form their character. Who are easier and more profitable to date, Asian or Russian women?

Economically, some Asian countries do better. It is a known fact that only Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, and probably Yekaterinburg are prosperous cities in Russia, but not the others.russian women online

The majority of cities look a lot like Belarusian Minsk, with its endless grey buildings in post-Soviet style. Even the most talented and skilled girls do not have much possibilities there.

While Asian women are provided by their governments and social organizations even when jobless. Plus, their men are typically big contributors into a family budget or the couple resources.

It’s not the case in Russia. Many women complain guys sit without jobs doing nothing and relying on them, as well as on other family members. It’s a shocking immaturity.

While richer men never focus on a family or their beloved’ real needs, instead, they hookup with Russian models here and there, and even if they have a trophy wife, she should tolerate that.

All this makes clear why Russian women seek foreign husbands, but what about Asian girls? Protected by the government and their local men, why do they want to date and marry overseas?


Reasons that force Asian girls escape

Asia is big, and there are certain nuances in each country. For example, in China women are frightened by the possibility of new barbaric laws regarding maternity and kids.

Over-population of China is a well-known fact, and women don’t want to be restricted in anything. Also, salaries are ridiculously small even for the hardest professions.

Being so hard-working, Chinese women can count on much bigger income in a western or European country. Never do their rely on a man’s wallet only, which is a big plus.

Hong-Kong women seem to have better chances with work and having babies, but the cost of rent and living is enormous there so they don’t mind to meet a man from another country.two asian women

South Korean women have surprising reasons to leave. They usually find work without problems, or come from wealthy corporate families themselves, but there is a pitfall.

Although feminism didn’t work in South Korea and it never will, there are some weird gender conflicts seeded by the mass media. As a result, women are hated by men and vise-versa.

There is no healthy explanation of that but it takes place, so after some months or years of useless battle with this phenomenon, Korean girls grow ready to relocate and live elsewhere.

Similar hidden situations and motives can be found in each Asian country or big city, so there are no doubts girls are strongly willing to try their luck abroad with a good western man.


How to have sex with an Asian girl vs. Russian?

The most important question for many men, is how to make love to Asian women. Western people mostly gain their knowledge from erotic movies, while reality can be a bit different.

For example, there is a stereotype an Asian woman is submissive, and will accept any form of intimacy. Since Russian women do not have this quality, Asian girls are loved more.

But let’s analyze their sexuality, by countries. First of all, the age of consent in Asian countries is very low, it is 12 in the Philippines, 13 in Japan and South Korea, and so on.

Although it isn’t explained anywhere, the early age of consent is usually established for peers teenagers who start dating at school, and in any case, for inner relationships between locals.

Still thousands of westerners are travelling to Asian countries to date very young girls. If they do it with caution, it actually works, and it’s natural that very young girls are purely submissive.Russian and Asian girls

However, when they grow up a bit, some of them change their attitude and sexual habits. They all still like a man to insist on a closeness and be a kind of predator, but can make a first step, too.

For example, to date in South Korea, one needs to learn how to fight physically and intellectually. When a girl is angry, she can really slap you or even bite you, like in high school.

More refined ladies would challenge you intellectually if they aren’t in the mood. One needs to constantly prove them something, give good reasons, protect his views. But there are good sides.

You will be glad to know that all these little battles end in passionate sex, so why not to tease each other like that! Western people just need to get used to this kind of mentality.beautiful russian women

Singaporean ladies, on another hand, never fight, yet it’s hard to call them completely submissive. They are gracious and feminine to the tips of fingers, but independent and confident.

Their secret is rooted in another problem: Singaporean men’s dumbness and a bad habit to bribe women with the gifts and pocket money. But these women don’t want to be bought.

So when shown a gallant attitude and courtesy, along with deep respect and appreciation, they are usually easily seduced and welcome a new admirer very playfully and passionately.

Russia doesn’t have any problems out of the listed ones, so women expect other things and react differently. That’s why Asian girls are incomparable to Russian brides and lovers.

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