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The Asian Women Dating Service on Top is not just an exceptional Asian women dating service but a portal for men with the desire to meet foreign beauties. All nationalities are covered on the site but the Asian niche is a popular choice for obvious reasons. In addition to the beautiful women, another standout aspect of the site are the many resources available. You can browse profiles, learn about these women and initiate chats, easily sign up for “Romance Tours” that give guys like you the opportunity to meet women in a vacation like setting and get live advice from a pro to learn about foreign brides.

Detailed Profiles

Let’s discuss the profiles on the site first. Unlike what you would find elsewhere, members’ pages are very detailed and give you a good overview of each woman prior to getting in touch. This includes age, birthday, zodiac sign, height, weight, marital status, number of kids, religion, education, job, spoken languages and what they are looking for in a man. Covering the basics prior yields a more productive online dating experience by skipping some of the “getting to know you” stuff and focusing on establishing a relationship with depth. Another thing you will notice on profiles is the photo quality. You don’t have to worry about whether the ladies are as stunning as they appear. Pics are clear, there is no suspicious lighting or angles. Just attractive, available women.

Tours of Love

The “Romance Tours” are worth mentioning as well. What other site holds events that give men a chance to go on a trip and meet hundreds if not thousands of potential foreign mates? You select the tour length (7, 10 or 14 days), choose from some of the most amazing travel destinations and use your charms to meet the right woman once you’re there. If that happens, a romance tour will become a romantic getaway in an instant. Destinations include Bangkok, Thailand for those looking for a Thai girl, Shenzhen, China for men who like Chinese women and Cebu for exotic Filipinas. The Asian women dating service realizes the importance of having that social aspect in dating. Online is an effective method but so is meeting in person and letting chemistry take control.

Pro Advice

Always look out for the online conferences and Q&A opportunities on the site. This gives users the chance to get tips and advice they may not have heard otherwise. Finding a foreign bride differs from finding a local one. Men must navigate cultural barriers, take the steps needed to improve communication and so on. There is nothing better than getting advice from someone who has experienced the process first hand. In addition to having access to such informational resources, members have the option to upgrade to executive services that offer an extensive, personalized approach.

Matching Updates

Their matching updates are awesome as well and very convenient for men who do not have time to browse the large database. You enter your criteria and get a list of lovely ladies delivered to your inbox every weekend. That convenience alone is enough to draw men in. Although meeting someone and finding a bride takes work, having profiles sent to you based on what you want makes sorting through your options a lot easier.


Lastly, has a gift center that takes the work out of sending gifts to the special woman or women you are considering. Flowers, candy and other tokens of affections are all options. You choose what you want to send and they take care of the rest. Gifts are delivered as close to the date selected as possible and you win points with her. The response you will get from the object of your affection is definitely worth it. There is even the option to get a photo of her with the gift if you wish.

All in all, this Asian women dating service gets two thumbs up. They set the path to success for all their members and offer a number of services and features to enhance the member experience. They know what they are doing, will easily meet your needs and the quality of women offered is exceptional. There is nothing else you can ask for.

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