Do guys help their friends about hookups and casual affairs

It’s well known there is always solidarity between men, especially when it comes to sex and entertainment. Do they help each other in these matters then?

Reportedly, it depends on each man’s character and friendly relationships with other guys. Some like to share good options for hookups while others are too envious.

Out of two girls who want to get laid, it’s typical for most of guys to choose the prettier one and offer another one to their buddy. People keep the best for themselves.

Otherwise, men remain helpful when the alibi or some piece of advice is needed. They do lie to protect each other, and share their experience a lot up to the gossip.

When it’s not a secret their friend is hookuping the same chick they did, they’ll try to help with the maximum knowledge on how to satisfy her or how to breakup with her.

Comparing to the girls, men discuss all details of the past hookups much in depth. At the same time, they are more cautious and make sure not to do any harm to themselves.



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