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The Place to Meet and Date Asian Singles

What guy doesn’t want to meet and date Asian singles? A large number of men choose to go international in their search for an Asian beauty but let’s not forget that there are local options too. One reason to go local is accessibility and let’s face it, instant gratification. When you meet an attractive girl it is only natural to want alone time with her as soon as possible. That is the purpose of The site is about connecting singles interested in the Asian dating niche. They use location to match members so rather than entering something long distance, two people who like each other can arrange a meeting whenever they see fit.

A Dating Community

The site, which also has an app you can download on your phone, is a community and definitely has that community feel. You have the opportunity to conveniently meet singles in your area that you may not have met otherwise. Quite often, you frequent the same places and even know a few of the same people. Best of all, the community is very chill. Some are looking for a relationship while others use the app to search for friends and want to date casually for a while. In other words, there are people in your area looking for the same thing you are looking for.


You must sign up to gain access to any profiles. The process will only take a few minutes of your time. Once you are in, you can choose the membership package you want. The free option is very limited so it is best to upgrade. With a free account, users are only able to upload a photo, video greeting and chat with others. You cannot view the photos on an account, aside from the thumbnail image, or do a search by distance. Despite what is missing, IM is available as are chat rooms and quite a few other highlights of the site like email, profile viewing, and lists. An upgraded membership, on the other hand, depending on which one you choose, lets you view more user photos and video, send emails, and get personal information from other members like their AIM and MSN IDs. To decide which membership is right for you, check out the complete breakdown of each so you know exactly what you’re getting. Keep in mind that you will save if you commit to more than one month.


Although the site leads with matching people by location, plain compatibility plays a role as well. Members, whether free or paid, are prompted to answer a personality type questionnaire. After submitting your answers one of sixteen personality types are given to you and people are matched based on that.


The interactivity of the site is another standout. Users can keep others up to date on where they are and where they’re traveling by sharing geographical location as well as building a friend network. When a network is created, you get to keep the people you like updated on all things happening with you by posting announcements, sharing news and photos. Imagine building a network of singles that are interested in you. That is the way to meet and date Asian singles! The blog and group options do not hurt either. Blogs are a way to learn more about a person while groups bring like-minded people together.

No Inactive Users

Lastly, there is very little chance of you wasting your time contacting an inactive user. Profiles state when a user’s last visit was and those who are inactive for 6 months are removed from the database.

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