Vietnam hookup with Momo: What’s so special about this app

If you look at the statistical data about the use of dating apps per country, you’ll see that both China and Vietnam use not the usual title we all are so used to, but rather an app designed specifically for the region. It’s fairly popular and well-known here, so it’s tempting to give it a shot. It may not be so tempting to continue using it after a while, however, because of several issues you’ll find after the download.

You may not even need it for your Vietnam hookup, however, but it’s always good to weigh your options before jumping into action.

What is Momo

Momo, despite being put into the same category over and over again for some reason, isn’t technically a dating app. The developers themselves describe it as a ‘social search’ app.

That means it helps users find new friends and acquaintances and stay in touch with them. The method the app utilizes to do it, however, makes it a very convenient dating app.

The app finds new matches for you based on your geographic proximity to them, which is very similar to the highlighted dating apps like Tinder or Badoo.vietnam hookup

The advantages of using Momo

Momo is surprisingly beneficial. It would be a decent dating app was it not for a few prominent issues. Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to talk to a large number of Vietnamese people, you wouldn’t be able to contact otherwise, Momo has a few cards up its sleeve.

The fees

Momo charges you money for using it, just like other apps people use for dating. However, in the case of Momo, it’s way fairer. The elements you unlock for the money give you an upper hand and more comfort, of course. But you can live without them.

While using Tinder or any other classic hookup app, you have to pay for such basic features like talking to people. It’s barely fair. This Chinese novelty, however, sells you things like extended search options, extra logos, and an ability to track the visitors on your profile. And a large portion of this extra content especially benefits you if you’re looking for a Vietnam hookup (or any other hookup).

Ease of navigation

When you know what all the elements of interface say, it’s fairly easy to navigate in this app. You can set the search options to include your interests, the distance from you, gender, etc.

And once you’ve found someone you really like, you can just start a conversation without having to pay for it. And the good thing is, though the developers try desperately to erase the image of a one-night hookup app the users have developed for it, a large portion of people still use it to find new partners. It means there’s no fee for talking to people, and never will be. If they’ll implement it, they’ll only reinforce the unwanted image.

However, starting a conversation is still a challenge, for numerous reasons. This challenge doesn’t include having to empty your wallet, but a different kind of expense. Instead of the money, you’ll waste your nerves and aisan hookups

Why it’s challenging

Using Momo is very advantageous. If not for the good sides of the app itself, then for the fact that it’s the number one ‘dating’ app in Vietnam. You can use other apps in this country, but the number of search matches will be minuscule next to the results in Momo.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty hard to use this app, and here’s why:

  1. The app doesn’t support English and the majority of other European languages at all. It has an option for the Vietnamese, Chinese, and the number of other Asian languages, but not English. If an English-speaking person wishes to use it, they need to either learn Vietnamese or find a way to translate the interface unofficially;
  2. Even with the interface translated into English, there’s still an issue of starting a conversation with someone. East Asia isn’t exactly famous for its bilingualism. Most of the time, you can achieve a low-tier conversation with basic responses, but it’s not what you need. What you need is a match who can speak adequate English. And it’s not easy, you have to use all your cunning to figure out if the person you see on your screen can sustain a conversation in English

There are several indirect ways to tell: looking for the English-written text in the profile or seeing if a person has links to other social media (and if there are popular western apps among them). In the end, you can always ask. This fact alone makes it hard to achieve a Vietnam hookup online.

Is it really necessary?

Momo is undoubtedly the app to use in Vietnam. If you want to get acquainted with people in this country, you download Momo. But it’s not the only option, there are others.

Momo, as mentioned, is the most downloaded app used for dating in Vietnam. This implies it’s not the only one. The popular western media may not have made a foothold here, but it’s still active and somewhat prosperous. Badoo, more than others.

It’s probably because Badoo is more versatile that both Chinese and Vietnamese prefer to use it (when they don’t use Momo) to hookup someone. It’s certainly much more comfortable to find possible partners with Badoo than it is with Tinder — probably because Tinder has a lot fewer options and also aimed at the English speakers above all online date

Using Badoo for Vietnam hookup

Anyhow, if you think Momo is too much of a pain to use for a Vietnam hookup, you can switch to Badoo instead. The downsides are obvious immediately — you have fewer users to work with, and you have to pay for your progress. But there are also upsides, and not all of them are as obvious as you might think.

The benefits of using Badoo

First of all, Badoo directly allows you to indicate what language you want your partner to speak. You can put ‘English’ into your search settings, and the algorithm will try to find the people who indicated that they speak this language. It’s that easy.

Second, and much less obvious upside, is the app’s image. It is a worldwide app, but everyone knows it originates from Europe and the developers tune the features to suit their western consumers. This may divert some potential customers away from the app, but a big portion of non-Europeans actually downloads Badoo and Tinder because they are fascinated with the western way of life.

The ‘western way of life’ may not be the right couple of words. They are actually more enamored with how the Internet works, and the Internet culture itself is tightly bound with the western way of life. So, they are interchangeable to a degree.

This gives you an apparent advantage because the frequent Internet-users are more likely to know English on an adequate tier than their compatriots who don’t use the Web or use only a small portion of it available in their country.

Badoo is not banned in Vietnam, though it’s not talked about in the country, because only those who live in the wider Internet know about it. You have to pay for Badoo, but it’s more like other modern apps, not to mention the third major upside.

Finally, the Vietnamese you meet on Badoo know this is a dating app, and they mean to do a Vietnam hookup, just like you. Momo may be comfortable to do it, but Badoo is made for it, and it’s a huge difference.

In conclusion

What it all means is that you can choose between a more familiar environment, which is Badoo, and a challenging (albeit pretty comfortable in the long run) one, which is Momo. Both are great apps, and with Momo you can even get to learn Chinese in the natural surroundings, which is somewhat of a luxury. Weigh your options and choose for yourself.

Well, that’s it for the article. But if you want to know more about dating online, feel free to watch the video below, it may even be informative for you:

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