Which Asian dating app is the best to get to know local women?

An Asian dating app: which platform to select to get to know local women?

The number of adventurous young men who are willing to get to know beautiful Oriental girls is constantly growing. The present dating market with a wide choice of apps successfully helps guys to realize their wishes. Quite many dudes focus their attention on the precise nations they consider the most appealing to them.

Women from the three Asian countries are especially popular with Western fellows of different social statuses and ages. They are from the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. Adepts explain their popularity in various ways. It’s worth looking into this issue in detail.

Special Asian dating apps

In the last decade, internationally operated dating apps and websites have been actively serving their male members who are interested in meeting Asian women from precise countries. Therefore such dating websites and apps groups as OkCupid, Kisses, Badoo, and others have launched platforms that focus on the exact areas: Thailand, China, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, etc.

Western dudes got an excellent opportunity not only to sign up for international apps but also to register on platforms specialized in the countries millions of males would prefer to focus on while being in their quest for attractive Asian females.

The Philippines

Those males who are attracted to Filippo girls have quite a wide choice of Asian dating apps specialized in the Philippines. Exotic females of that faraway country have been long world-famous for their unconventional beauty. Their submissive nature also draws the attention of Western men very much.

Filipino women are active users of several apps popular with overseas dudes. The list of the top 3 platforms includes the following names:

  • Filipino Cupid
  • Pina Love
  • Filipino Kisses.

All the iOS and Android apps mentioned in the list above are, in particular, for serious relationships. Yet they are also perfectly tailored for casual encounters guys often enthusiastically seek.local Asian dating apps

In terms of local interaction, Badoo and Tinder are less recommended. Despite their tremendous popularity, guys can just waste a lot of time on these two apps in their search for women from the Philippines. However, you shouldn’t rush into getting rid of this idea forever since the result can be unexpectedly favorable even on those packed with hundreds of thousands of controversial members.

The protection system available on the reputable platforms mentioned here allows male and female users to evade scamming issues. Safety on Filipino and other trustworthy Asian dating apps is ensured by the following factors:

  • Members can upload their pics whose authenticity can be checked
  • They apply the selfie request button to ask the interlocutor to send his or her photo
  • Users can invite each other to a video chat or an offline date
  • They have got to provide their real first and last names but not nicknames as it’s common on most apps.

Warning: Most of the services on Asian dating apps are paid, as a rule. Nevertheless, they are not expensive. If any platform offers all the services free of charge, men should keep an eye out. It is quite often the sign of fraudulence and the hidden desire to get males out of their money.


The Thai dating market is also quite rich in decent apps especially popular with North American, Australian, Russian, British, and Canadian fellows. If men are in an active search for casual encounters, they’d better register on Thai Friendly. This Android app provides plenty of options for adventurous dudes to get to know women from Thailand.

There is only one downside of this platform. Western guys have to pay for the membership on Thai Friendly. It also regards dudes from Russia. Those guys who are more prone to serious contacts should single out one of these popular apps:

  • Farangdate
  • Thai Cupid
  • Thai Flirting.

Thai Cupid with its 1.7 million members is considered № 1 in Thailand. Those guys who are in the quest for Thai females and sign up for international platforms, most commonly, prefer Tinder.


From plenty of dating apps, Vietnamese women normally single out Vietnam Cupid. The number of users of this high-end platform is now over one million. The majority of the males registered on this app are more often from New Zealand, Britain, Australia, and other English-speaking countries.

Success stories of ex-users show that the interaction on Vietnam Cupid quite often ends up successfully for both males and females. As the statistics say, around 30% of the members find their soulmates. A high-end security system serves as a reliable filter that lets guys and girls with serious intentions hold up potential or evident swindlers.

A helpful tip: After men have singled out an Asian dating app that focuses on the exact country, they should look into particularities of the lifestyle there. It will, surely, help them to understand local traditions and women much deeper. Due to their knowledge, overseas guys’ quest has good odds for success.Asian dating apps

Filipino women

Most of the Filipino women registered on both international and local Asian dating apps come from Manila – the capital city of the country. Females of the Philippines are famous for their undoubted beauty. The features typical of their looks and nature are the following:

  • Petite physique
  • Cheerful nature
  • Slim waist and bodies on the whole
  • Friendly and open disposition
  • Thin legs and arms
  • A nuanced approach to the solution to any issues
  • Medium-sized breasts.

It’s an essential factor for the interaction between Western men and local females that quite many young women in that exotic country have a decent command of spoken English. Seasoned guys confirm that almost every local gal is insatiable when it comes to sex.

Thai women

When overseas guys interact with Thai women online or in-person, they emphasize such features typical of local gals as open-mindedness, sexual openness, and friendliness. Young females from Thailand are also kind, helpful, and courteous. They are proud of their petite structure.

Dark-colored eyes and well-groomed black hair attract thousands of overseas men. It’s difficult to find a fat or overweight person among Thai females. They are distinguished with a slim shape and slender legs. Thai women dazzle the sterner sex with their magnificent smile.

Local girls are considerably influenced by Western culture and globalization. It regards bigger cities and Bangkok – the capital of the kingdom – where gals, in particular, sexually liberated and westernized when it comes to their conduct, lifestyle, and attire.any Asian woman

Vietnamese women

In comparison to Thailand and the Philippines, Vietnam is a lot different. Although the Western influence is noticeable in local major cities, especially in Hanoi (the capital) and Ho Chi Minh (the metropolitan city), local women, in general, possess the following distinguishing features:

  • Quite timid and shy in public
  • Committed to national rituals and traditions
  • Very dependent on their nuclear and expended families.

Therefore, overseas dudes should think twice before starting interacting with Vietnamese young women on Asian dating apps or, moreover, offline. Success expects those lucky guys who have patience.

What else should foreign men take into account?

To sum up the information about Asian dating apps specialized in the exact countries, it’s important to emphasize their common features. All three platforms set the following goals:

  • Match Western dudes with Asian (Filipino, Vietnamese and Thai) females
  • Make interaction between interracial genders a lot easier by providing them a variety of services
  • Help to make communication between Western and Oriental cultures unstrained
  • Give some helpful advice of professionals regarding dating, romance, and flirting issues.

Surely, Western men should take into account the religious impact on Asian women. The influence can be more or less considerable. First of all, it regards girls from rural regions of each mentioned country. Therefore, dudes need to find out and bear in mind whereabouts the girl is.

As these three countries are still developing economies, quite many women there along with most people are fairly poor. That is why it’s easy to come across gold diggers on the Asian dating apps. However, men shouldn’t be excessively suspicious.

Final recommendations

That is a given that it’s really not easy to interact with any Asian woman. It doesn’t matter what country she comes from and where the communication takes place: on a dating app or in real life. Nevertheless, guys need to make sure that they have properly prepared for socializing with Oriental females.

At least, they need to listen to the reasons of seasoned fellows. They usually consider Thai and Filipino women a lot more approachable in comparison to Vietnamese females. Especially in case it regards casual encounters. Yet there are, of course, some exceptions.

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