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A 5 Star Site to Meet Women from Southeast Asia

There are tons of women from Southeast Asia on IDateAsia.com. This site literally has everything you would want or need from a dating site/service and so much more. In addition to providing a platform for international online communication where romance can thrive, it breaks down barriers to allow those communications to develop into meaningful relationships.
The way the site breaks down barriers is ensuring that members can talk to anyone they want and do not have to worry about how they are going to communicate. The team behind the site is there to help. One way they help is with translators. There is this “Love Call” feature that enables you to call women you meet on the site. They give you the choice between an instant or scheduled call. For instant calls, you select the woman you want to talk to, you receive a Love Call ID and before you know it, you’re talking. There is no translation fee or reservation fee for instant calls while there is a reservation cost for scheduled calls. In fact, you don’t ever have to worry about translation services. How well the woman speaks English determines whether a translator is provided. Better yet, you can arrange for a woman to call you!


There is always some hesitance about talking to women from Southeast Asia or anywhere else online. To put minds at ease, the site has video shows which are video introductions of women that could be your potential bride. This is great since it adds transparency. The videos are real home videos of women simply introducing themselves and sharing what they want in a mate. You get to hear her voice, see how her face lights up when she talks about her interests and simply see a beautiful woman in motion. As a plus, a video allows you to get a feel for her personality.

The Other Services

We have discussed the “Love Call” service, as well as the videos but the services, do not end there. Below are the others:
•  Admirer Mail
Admirer mail is a great service when trying to get to know women from Southeast Asia. As long as your profile is visible, ladies will send you mail if interested. How flattering is that?
•  Live Chat
Live chat is the site’s built in instant messaging system. It works like all the others. Animated emoticons and stickers are included. There are also extra functions, live gameplay, photo exchange and you can apply romantic scenes to give chats atmosphere.
•  EMF Mail
EMF mail is basically an email service that prevents language barriers. Everyone knows that email is a great way to correspond and explore a relationship. You write an email, include pictures and whatever else you want, a service professionally translates the email in record time and delivers it to the woman’s inbox.

Asian Women Dating Site iDateAsia

•  Cam Share
Cam share is the site’s version of live, real time video chat. This makes talking with her more interactive and intimate.
•  Contact Information Request
Eventually, a relationship has to be taken offline and continue without the site’s assistance. You need a woman’s contact information to do that. There are requirements you have to meet that proves the seriousness of the relationship but when you do, you’ll get her email, physical address and phone number(s).
•  Cupid Date
Yes, IDateAsia arranges physical dates too. You put in a request, wait until she accepts and go on the date. Every date gets an hour and a half of translating.

Woo Her with Gifts

Lastly, the site enables men to give gifts to the ladies they’re corresponding with. Aside from being charming and kind, there is no better way to woo a woman than with gifts. You have two options. The first is virtual gifts. These are animations with word greetings that cover birthdays, holidays, etc. Obviously, they are more about the thought than the actual gift but are kind gestures. Those who wish to step it up a notch are able to send physical gifts like flowers, candy, and accessories. You can send items to one or many women. Just be sure to place separate orders.
This site has everything. After experiencing it first hand, it’s obvious why IDateAsia is one of the most popular Asian dating sites.

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